A Walking Tour of Canada

Once registered, you will be able to LOG the total kilometers that your students have walked to and from school. These distances will be tracked on the online Walking Tour of Canada map to show the students how far they have walked across Canada. As the accumulated distances reach each provincial/territorial capital, you will be able to download a provincial/territorial PASSPORT to congratulate the students on their success so far.

As the students "Walk" through each province/territory, you'll find loads of information that relates to history and social studies. You'll be able to download information about The Benefits of Walking, Personal Safety, Fitness, Cycling Safety and Sun Safety. You'll also be able to use the Travel Mode Calculator to compare how various modes of transportation impact climate change and the health of our environment.

Don't forget to try the Learn More challenges in each Province/Territory, share your thoughts and experiences in the Interactive Zone and check out the many exciting Links to other related information.

When you've completed the Walking Tour of Canada, download and print your Certificate of Recognition and display it proudly in your classroom!

So let's get walking (and cycling or in-line skating) and join the Walking Tour of Canada!

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Go for Green, Active & Safe Routes to Schools

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