Walk to School: News Releases

The customizable local press release offers the media more detailed information on your Walk to School event, such as the impact it will have on the community or information on an ongoing program. To pitch walk to school programs, and your event in particular, to the local media using these press releases, follow these easy steps.

  1. Fill in the bracketed areas with your event’s information.
  2. If possible, print the press release on your organization or school’s letterhead.
  3. A few days or one day before the event, distribute the press release to local media contacts (television, radio, and newspaper) that might be interested in a walk to school event. Email, fax, postal mail, and hand-delivery are all ways to distribute the press release.
  4. Note: It’s important to choose a contact person for the press release who will be available both once the press release is distributed and throughout the event. Use the contact phone number that has the greatest likelihood of reaching the person.
  5. Have copies of the press release available at the event.
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