Walk to School: Banners

Hang a banner at the school to promote the event or ask children to carry it while they walk. This can also make a nice photograph opportunity for media.

Directions for use

The Files

In order to provide the broadest compatibility and good print quality, the files are in the PDF file format and can be used with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program. There are two designs shown at the bottom of this page, each with two links to two different sizes.

  1. Right click on the link to the design and size you want, chose "Save link as" (in Firefox) or "Save target as" (in Internet Explorer) and save it on your computer.
  2. Burn the file onto CD and take the CD to your chosen print shop OR call the print shop and ask if they can download it from this web site.

The Supplier: Print and Copy Shops

There are many local print and copy shops that can print signs, flyers and banners for your Walk to School event. If you are unsure about where to find a shop, use your local telephone directory or the internet.

Material Options and Estimated Costs

Two common materials for banners are vinyl and paper. If you wish to reuse the banner, vinyl will last longer. The shop may also laminate your paper banner for a fee. An example of pricing would be $2 per square foot if your banner is below 24 inches wide and $3.50 per square foot if the banner is larger than 24 inches wide.

Shops can usually make the banner as long as is desired but may have a limit on width. Check with your shop for their suggested standard size.

Both black and white and color on both vinyl and paper banners are usually available but the price varies for the different options.  For a paper banner the price of printing in black and white is usually less expensive than color. Vinyl prices are not likely to vary between color and black and white. Ask your print shop.  Also, consider printing black on a light color piece of paper.


Dates have been left off the banner designs so that you can get them printed once and use them year after year. If you wish to add a date, both designs have a blank space left for one. Your print or copy shop can add whatever additional text you specify.

If desired, design and create a unique banner for your event. Walk to School logos are available for download and can be used without restriction on any non-commercial, not-for-profit materials.

Usage: More ways to display your banner

There are many ways to use a banner in or around the school including:

  • Use your banner in a parade like manner during the Walk to School event.
  • Skirt the edge of tables in the office, cafeteria or at special events. Put the banner on any table that people pass by and would notice.
  • Stretch banners between, or wrap them around, columns or pillars; hang them in the hallway or a room that gets parent, teacher and student traffic.
  • Use the banners to frame the doorways and entrances to the school building.
  • Use a banner as a backdrop on the main stage behind performers.
  • Drape your banners on walls or on the outside of your building.
  • Hang banners on the sides of parked vans, cars or even the school bus.
  • Place posts in the front of your school and have a free standing banner so parents and passersby will know about your event.
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