Is there a precedent for using SRTS funds to install a new water fountain outside a school building?

We are not aware of any programs that have exclusively used SRTS funds to install new water fountains near a school building. However, some programs have improved existing or planned pedestrian infrastructure with pedestrian amenities like water fountains by acquiring funding from multiple sources. For instance, in Brevard, North Carolina, the town's Planning Director sought SRTS infrastructure funds to construct a 1-mile asphalt path that would connect two schools, public housing, a medical clinic, a boys and girls club, and the existing sidewalk system. Funds to the project were allocated from the city's capital reserve and an NCDOT SRTS grant. Additional funds were raised by the city (the city sold engraved brick pavers at $100 each to raise the funds). The pavers were set in an area along the path that featured benches and a water fountain.

As was accomplished in Brevard, you and other invested stakeholders could see whether your city's/town's capital reserve funds might help fund the installation of water fountains. Your local school board might also have resources that could be used to fund amenities like water fountains.

If you would like to pursue federal SRTS funding for water fountains, we recommend that you get in touch with your state's SRTS Coordinator. This person operates out of your state's Department of Transporation (DOT) and would have the most detailed and state-based information on those projects that are eligible for funding. Most likely, if eligible, a water fountain would draw from your state's infrastructure funds, but this is not certain. To obtain the contact information and website for your SRTS Coordinator please visit our Find state Contacts page. Once there, select your state on the interactive map or through the drop-down menu.

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