Student Drop Off/Pick-Up Plan Guidelines

STUDENT PICK-UP/DROP OFF PLAN GUIDELINES While the City of Phoenix has no jurisdiction in school parking lots, what happens in a school parking lot often affects what happens on the streets near that school.

By organizing a safe and efficient student pick-up/drop-off plan, conditions can be made safer for students while improving overall traffic conditions around the school. However, many schools do not have the experience or knowledge readily available to make these changes on their own. The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department has a team that works exclusively with schools and can provide the advice and assistance to help schools develop their own pick-up/drop-off plans.

These guidelines are based on successful examples of pick-up/drop-off plans developed for schools such as Orangewood Elementary School at 19 th Ave and Orangewood and Liberty Elementary School at 52 nd St and Acoma. The process to develop a successful student pick-up/drop off plan is a cooperative effort involving parents, school officials, and City staff. To get a plan started, the school officials and parents must:- Be open to changes- Assemble a group of willing parent/school volunteers- Contact a Phoenix School Safety Specialist to schedule an observation.

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