Pennsylvania’s Pedestrian Safety Video Series

PennDOT's video series for pedestrian safety features the following four videos available on the PennDOT YouTube Channel and on the Just Drive PA website:
  • "Close Call" teaches young drivers how and why to safely operate a motor vehicle in relation to pedestrians.
  • "Kids Explain" aims to increase pedestrian safety for middle school children walking to and from school by teaching them the basics of safe walking.
  • "Walk This Way" shows elementary-school aged children what a walker is and how to safely walk. It also stresses the importance of walking with a parent/guardian/older sibling, and shows dangerous crossing situations and how to address them.
  • "One Parent to Another" shows how safety starts with parents and guardians, and that children model their behavior. It shows how and when to cross legally while walking, and how to avoid putting children in dangerous situations when they're pedestrians.
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Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
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