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To support the national goal of better health through physical activity, CDC's Nutrition and Physical Activity Program has developed KidsWalk-to-School. This is a community-based program that aims to increase opportunities for daily physical activity by encouraging children to walk to and from school in groups accompanied by adults.

Resources on this site include:

  • Walking and Bicycling to School: Community Presentation; Information in the PowerPoint presentation may be presented to a neighborhood, school, or community to increase knowledge and interest in participating in a Walk & Bicycle to School program
  • Walk-to-School Programs Quick Start Resource
    This resource is intended to provide key references, tools, and components for the planning, implementation, evaluation, and promotion of walk-to-school programs. Nonfederal Web site addresses are provided for informational purposes only, and this listing does not imply CDC endorsement of these programs.
  • Train the Trainer
    This PowerPoint presentation was developed to encourage state level promotion of walk and bicycle to school programs by building state level partnerships and assisting local constituents to develop walk and bicycle to school programs. Includes various reference links.
  • KidsWalk: Then and Now -- Barrier and Solutions
    Rates of walking to and from school have declined since first measured in 1969. This page explores the reported barriers to walking and bicycling to/from school over time as a possible explanation, and offers potential solutions to overcome barriers.
  • There are also links to the KidsWalk-To-School Brochure; the KidsWalk-To-School: A Guide to Promote Walking to School; the School Transportation Modes-Georgia, 2000; MMWR, August 16, 2002; Healthy People 2010.
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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