If using SRTS funds, is it mandatory for sidewalks to be five feet wide?

The only federally applicable mandate related to sidewalk width comes from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) accessibility guidelines, which state that walking surfaces should have a "clear width minimum of 36 inches (or three feet)". Therefore, five-foot sidewalks are not a requirement, but are the preferred minimum width for Safe Routes to School programs, as outlined in the SRTS Guide.

Yet because the federal SRTS program is administered within each state by that state's Department of Transportation (DOT), we recommend that you contact the SRTS Coordinator within your state's DOT for information on any state sidewalk standards. To obtain the contact information and website for your SRTS Coordinator please visit our Find State Contacts page. Once there, select your state on the interactive map or through the drop down menu. Also, you may want to contact your mayor's or town manager's office to assess whether any local sidewalk width standards are in place in your school's municipal jurisdiction.

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