How do I get crosswalks added to streets?

The appropriate people to speak with will depend on who has responsibility for maintaining the road segments where you believe the crosswalk is needed. In some states, the roads within a municipality's boundaries are the sole responsibility of the municipality, in other locations, the major roads within a municipality are owned and maintained by the state's Department of Transportation (DOT). If you live within a municipality, you will want to contact the public works department, transportation department or planning department to discuss crosswalk installation. They should be able to tell you who maintains the roadway section(s) in question. If you live outside a municipality, you can contact your county government and they should be able to tell you if the road is maintained by the county or state. If state maintains the roadway, you will want to ask the county for the contact information of the person or division that deals with state-maintained roadways within your state's DOT. Once you have identified who to talk with, you can then make your request known. Something to be aware of when you take your request to the appropriate department is there are situations where crosswalks are warranted and others where simply installing a crosswalk without other types of engineering treatments may not help. The appropriateness of where to install a marked crosswalk can vary from intersection to intersection. We have some crosswalk information in the engineering section of our online SRTS Guide that can help inform your discussion with your local transportation engineer.

As for funding the crosswalk installation, there are different mechanisms such as the city's general road maintenance budget and a capital improvement program. There may also be funding through your states Department of Transportation's Safe Routes to School program. To learn more about the Safe Routes program in your state program please visit our Find State Contacts page and click on the state of interest from the interactive map or drop down menu.

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