How can you best reach and educate drivers near school?

A good time to provide safety messages to drivers is while they are in their motor vehicles near the school such as through signage, enforcement strategies and media:

Signage: Sign messages, such as "Drive 25, Keep Kids Alive"(1) and "Give Our Kids a Brake,"(1) remind drivers to slow down and help to build a cooperative community spirit. Stickers and banners are also sometimes affixed to garbage cans or hung across streets. Before hanging banners or signs across streets or on public signposts, approval should be obtained from the appropriate government office.

Enforcement activities: Enforcement strategies can be combined with education, such as by using speed trailers at key locations around schools. Speed trailers display the speed a motor vehicle is traveling as it passes the trailer. See the Enforcement section of the Safe Routes to School Guide for additional examples.

Media: Radio announcements played during drive times can serve as timely reminders. Other media, such as newspaper articles or television features, can be used to draw attention to the importance of careful driving when children are present and to highlight a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program.
For information on the types of messages that can be delivered using these strategies visit Key Message for Drivers Near the School.

Parents and neighbors often make up a large amount of the traffic near a school during school drop-off and pick-up times. See Parents and Neighbors sections of the SRTS Guide to learn about messages and strategies to reach them.

1. "Keep Kids Alive Drive 25" is a registered trademark of Keep Kids Alive Drive 25, P.O. Box 45563 Omaha, Nebraska, 68145. Available: Accessed: April 13, 2006.

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