How can we start a Safe Routes to School program with no money?

An important first step is to assemble a group of people willing to form a school traffic safety committee or safe routes task force. Involving other stakeholders early in the SRTS planning process helps ensure they will support the program. For detailed information on how to identify stakeholders, conduct a meeting and the steps in establishing a program visit the SRTS Guide.

The group could begin by hosting an individual event such as Walk (& Bike) to School Day in October, Walking Wednesdays, or Bike and walk to work and school day in May. For information on these programs visit our Walk/Bike to School website. These events often include a Walking School Bus and/or Bicycle Train. With school support for distribution of information to parents and children, cost is usually less than $100. Invite the media or take photos to send in to the paper. Events draw attention to walking and bicycling to school. They arouse interest in children, parents, teachers and community members.

The group could also host a neighborhood walk-about and bike-about. See Walkabouts in the SRTS Guide.