How can we get city staff to pay more attention to Walk to School issues?

There are several possible approaches:

  • Establish a coalition, task force, or safety committee. Invite staff to join and collaborate on the Walk to School issues.
  • Plan an event such as a Walk/Bike to School Day. Plan a walking school bus parade or bike rodeo and ensure media coverage. Include public recognition for staff and/or elected officials to stimulate interest in Walk to School issues. Take photos. Try to get photos of staff in the local paper or on the City's website.
  • Make a presentation/award on Walk to School at City Council, School Board or at an annual awards dinner to those who have been paying attention.
  • Ask staff to solve a particular Walk to School issue and reward responsive staff with lots of recognition. A positive letter to the City Manager in the case of a city employee, or to the editor of the local paper in the case of a community leader are ways to give positive recognition and make it more likely that the next Walk to School issue will receive a positive response.
  • Don't overburden staff or be unreasonable or act as though you are entitled to their immediate attention. Be persistent if needed, but give the person a chance to respond.
  • If there is no response, take the issue to a wider audience. Sponsor a walkable community workshop with many in attendance. Sometimes, staff will address longstanding Walk to School issues in advance of the workshop to avoid negative publicity.
  • Show staff how Walk to School can help achieve their other interests.
  • Get publicity about the issue itself so staff becomes more interested.

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