How can local SRTS champions build partnerships with hesitant people and organizations?

The right combination of people needed to have a successful SRTS program varies by community. Many communities find that a local champion makes the difference between a thriving, sustainable SRTS program and one that languishes. The local champion may differ from community to community; the champion might be a parent, school staff or administrator, public works, law enforcement, Safe Kids or advocacy organization or someone else. Often times the person grows into the local champion rather than being appointed to the role.

A local champion may not have complete buy in /support from everyone, but an important role is to build support from a very wide range of interest groups/people to ensure continued support from a majority. One step to consider is to work with the groups that are supportive of the "local champion" to better understand if there is a history of previous collaboration or opposition between these groups and groups that may be in opposition. Doing so could uncover pitfalls to avoid, strengths to exploit and common goals that can serve varying interests while unite the groups.

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