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The Michigan Surgeon General's Healthy School Environment Recognition Program is designed to recognize and applaud schools that are making significant improvements in their environment related to healthy eating, physical activity, and tobacco-free lifestyles. Michigan's Governor and Surgeon General want to motivate and empower Michigan schools to "step up" and create healthy school environments.

Healthy school environments help students achieve their full academic potential as well as supporting our children in developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime. A healthy school environment provides clear and consistent health messages, accurate health information, and ample opportunity to use it. And it helps students be fit, healthy and ready to learn. What happens in the classroom, gymnasium, cafeteria, during school activities, and via communication systems can reinforce and educate students, staff, and families on healthy eating, physical activity, and tobacco free lifestyles.

This website also provides information and tools to help Michigan have healthier schools and healthier students by following these five steps:

1. Implement recommendations from The Role of Michigan Schools in Promoting Healthy Weight
2. Establish a Coordinated School Health Team in your school
3. Complete the Healthy School Action Tool (HSAT)
4. Use HSAT results to make policy and environmental changes
5. Facilitate action in your community by joining Michigan Action for Healthy Kids

This website also has a resources page. The resources listed in this guide are aimed at helping schools create healthy environments as well as to assist schools in completing the Healthy School Environment Recognition Program (HSERP) application. For ease of use in completing the recognition program application, the resources are organized to correspond with the six HSERP sections. Most of the resources in this guide are accessible or downloadable free of charge although some of the materials listed are available for a fee.

There is a separate page for promotional materials, which include:

  • Newsletter Articles -Newsletter articles announcing and promoting the availability of the Healthy School Environment Recognition Program (download in MS Word format).
  • Promotional Flyer - This full-color one-page promotional flyer provides an overview of the Healthy School Environment Recognition Program and is aimed at schools, to encourage them to apply.
  • Promotional Slides - A set of two slides (download in MS PowerPoint format) providing an overview of the Healthy School Environment Recognition program and aimed at encouraging schools to apply.
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Michigan Department of Community Health; Cardiovascular Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity Sect

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