February 2007 Tracking Report

The Monthly SRTS Program Tracking Brief is prepared by the National Center for Safe Routes to School to provide information about State SRTS programs. Each month, a different snapshot and brief analysis of one key trend across all State programs is presented. It also provides a tracking table summarizing key attributes from all programs.

During the first 2 months of 2007,

  • State-announced grants to local programs increased 35% ($13.8 million to $18.7 million),
  • The number of schools participating in SRTS activities increased 38% (285 to 394), and
  • The number of states with active SRTS funding processes - those that have either opened applications, completed an application cycle, or announced local grants - increased 31% (29
    to 38).

Also as of February 28, 2007, 46 states, including the District of Columbia, have full-time permanent State SRTS Coordinators. Another 4 have interim Coordinators. These State Coordinators are critical leaders and technical experts about SRTS activities in their states.

Key Points (February 2007) - SRTS Spending:

  • 19 states have announced funding for SRTS programs
  • Approximately $22.7 million has been spent or committed for SRTS programs.
  • At least 394 schools in those 19 states are participating in state-funded SRTS programs.
Authoring Organization: 
National Center for Safe Routes to School

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