Case Study: Nebraska

The Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) launched Safe Routes Nebraska (SRN) in October 2006. The success of SRN is attributed to five factors. The first factor is SRN's Web site, which serves as the center of the campaign and is designed to assist with the application process, inform parents, empower teachers, and engage children. Second is program management, which is headed by a full-time coordinator from a private architecture firm, Sinclair Hille Architects. By hiring an outside firm, NDOR can dedicate full-time attention to the program, thus increasing the time spent working with the Nebraskans who benefit from SRN funding. Also contributing to the success of SRN is the implementation assistance NDOR provides. Each funding recipient receives a copy of NDOR's "Safe Routes Nebraska Guidelines for Project Development," which explains each stage of project development, provides examples of excellent work plans and summarizes the state and federal requirements for SRN projects.

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