California Walk to School Headquarters

This website is full of information on the California Walk to School Program. The site discussed the current program and encourages other schools and communities to join in. The homepage promotes International Walk to School month and discusses different ways to participate.

One page on the website is dedicated to improving drop-off and pick-up zones at schools. The most recent factsheet, "Improving Drop-Off And Pick-Up Zones," is available for download free of charge.

Another page contains flyers, brochures and checklists in Spanish that can be downloaded in PDF format free of charge. This page also directs you to another page of downloads in Armenian, Bosnian, Cambodian, Hmong, Korean, Lao, Russian and Somali.

The "Walk to School Events" page on this site is devoted to the three ways to promote safer, more kid-friendly routes to school: A week, a day or every day. Walkability checklists and factsheets can be downloaded from this site free of charge.

Walkability checklists are the most basic source of information to guide families, schools and communities when they want safer routes to school. Families use a short and simple checklist to write down the hazards they discover along a route between home and school. These checklists are available under the "Walkability Checklists" tab in PDF format on the website in English, Armenian, Bosnian, Cambodian, Chinese, Hmong, Korean, Lao, Russian, Somali, Spanish.

There is an entire page of stickers and promotional items that can be downloaded directly from the website for no cost. Stickers for the students can be downloaded in PDF format in color or black and white. There are posters and brochures available in PDF format, some of which are available in Spanish. Balloons and zipper pulls with the Walk to School logo can be ordered directly from the site in bulk for an additional charge.

A page of photos and short success stories tells of programs that are already in place in California and their benefits to the students and the community.

A "Downloads" page offers dozens of PDF forms, certificates, flyers, posters, letters and more for event Coordinators and Committees, Schools and Families, the Community and the Media. All of the information on this are available at no cost and in several languages.

Authoring Organization: 
California Walk to School Headquarters, California Center for Physical Activity