2007 Walk to School Event Organizer Survey Findings and Recommendations

This report provides a brief background on Walk to School events in the USA; summarizes findings from the 2007 Walk to School Organizer survey; proposes implications of the findings; and recommends actions that would likely strengthen the conduct of future events and increase capacity and demand for SRTS programs.

Registration data reveal that many events are part of ongoing efforts to increase safe walking and bicycling among children. In fact, slightly more than one-half (52%) of registrants indicated that there are activities to promote walking and bicycling to school throughout the year. Furthermore, almost one-half (47%) of registrants reported that the event was part of a SRTS program. Communities that hold Walk to School events give insight to the growth of SRTS programs. Survey results in 2007 showed an increase in the proportion of schools currently implementing SRTS programs (27%)3 compared to 2006 (22%) or 2005 (17%).

Authoring Organization: 
National Center for Safe Routes to School

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