Safe Routes to School and Schwinn's Helmets on Heads Mini-Grant Application, Spring 2015

To submit an application for a National Center for Safe Routes to School  and Schwinn's Helmets on Heads Mini-Grant for Spring 2015 activities, please complete the following form.

You can also submit an application by e-mail, fax (919) 962-8710 or mail. Download a pdf of the application.  

Applicant Information
School(s) Where Activities Will Be Conducted

(if different from above)

School Demographic Information

Please help the National Center know more about the School where the activities will be conducted.

Grade Range
Type of School
Safe Walking/Bicycling Information
New or Existing Program

This mini-grant will help...

*Please note: starting or continuing a safe walking/bicycling program is a required condition of mini-grant funding.  If this question is left blank, the application will be disqualified.

Potential Reach of the Mini-grant Activities

Please help the National Center know more about the potential reach of the proposed mini-grant activities:

Essay Questions
Needs or Interests Related to Safe Bicycling

Explain the bicycling needs, helmet safety education and interests that have been identified for this school. Optional: Is there anything noteworthy about the school's bicycling situation that provides context for these needs and or/interests? (up to 400 words)

Proposed Mini-grant Activities

Describe the activities the mini-grants will fund and how these ideas support the stated needs and/or interests.  Optional:  Is there anything unique or innovative about these ideas?  Optional:  Will students be involved in planning or carrying out these activities, and if so, how?  (up to 450 words)

Changes You Hope to See

What changes in behavior, safety, attitudes, and/or knowledge do you hope to see at your school as a result of these activities? Required:  How will your program track these changes? (up to 325 words)

Brief Timeline

Please provide a brief list of activities that will happen each month. (up to 150 words)

Potential Expenditures

Please provide a budget for the proposed items to be used for the walking/bicycling activities (rounded to the nearest dollar).  Applicants may list up to 10 items.  The total amount should not be more than $1,000, unless the essay responses indicate sources of additional funding.

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