Navigating Change: How to Use the Updated System for Accessing your Parent Surveys and Student Travel Tallies

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 (All day)

In early June, the National Center for Safe Routes to School updated the online data system used by local SRTS programs to enter the Parent Survey and Student Travel Tally questionnaires and to view summary reports of those data. This webinar provides an overview of the updated system, highlighting features that are particularly relevant to users from local programs. Topics covered will include: creating a local program, adding schools to that local program and assigning Travel Tallies and Parent Surveys to each school; accessing the data summary reports; allowing local program administrators to share access to their program's data with other users; covering the new way local programs should prepare Parent Surveys and Travel Tallies that they will be send to the National Center for processing; and exploring other features of the system.

Presented by Austin Brown, MPH, MRP, Program Manager, National Center for Safe Routes to School

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