SRTS Webinars

The National Center offers free webinars, available in the archive below, to educate individuals, communities and organizations on topics that will assist with successful SRTS planning, outreach and local programs. The National Center hosts quarterly webinars. The National Center previously had a contract with America Walks for monthly webinars that ended in January 2013. 

Archived Webinars

Learn how integrating SRTS considerations into comprehensive planning can help define the local government’s role in supporting safe walking and bicycling to school.

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This webinar will present examples of city and school district collaboration, and provide ideas for how to address common challenges of crossing guard programs.

Hear about how two schools are using events and other creative ways to get students, parents and schools into the saddle.

A guided tour for data system users of the improved navigation and new features and functions that enhance the capabilities of the system.

Success stories and tips for trying temporary engineering solutions in your community.

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Learn what the science says about spending time outdoors and how you can use it to maximize the benefit of your SRTS program.

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Put high school students “in the driver’s seat” to promote walking and bicycling in your community.

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Last year hundreds of schools participated in the first annual Bike to School Day event. Want to get on that bike train this year but not quite sure how to pull it off? This webinar is for you.

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From Mr. Anthony to Click & Clack, people love radio call-in shows.  People who work on SRTS programs are no different, and now we have our own call-in show offering expert advice to achieve our most ardent SRTS dreams.

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