Events & Training

Gain practical know-how from SRTS leaders

From online to in-person, the National Center offers multiple training options to help communities and states get the information and training they need to address potential safety concerns along walking and bicycling routes to school and to encourage more children to safely travel to school on foot or bicycle.

Whether you want to hop on a bicycle to participate in a special Walk to School Day event or sharpen your SRTS program planning skills, this page is a good place to start. Learn more about: 

  • Walk to School Day: Communities across the country and the world celebrate this powerful one-day event to raise awareness about safer and improved streets, healthier habits, and cleaner air — one community at a time.
  • Conferences: Upcoming national meetings for individuals interested in learning more about Safe Routes to School and other walking and bicycling topics.
  • National Course:  Provides a comprehensive overview of the need for SRTS, offers strategies to improve conditions for walking and bicycling to school, and explains how to encourage more participation in these activities.
  • Local Skills Training: Training that provides practical approaches and community-tested tools to develop and implement strategies that do not require changes to the physical environment.
  • Transportation Professionals Training: Explore resources for additional pedestrian and bicycle-related trainings.
  • SRTS Webinars: Webinar series to educate individuals and organizations on SRTS-related topics that will help to create successful programs.
  • Walking School Bus Online Training: Training that presents tips and strategies for how to prepare, build momentum and launch a walking school bus program, including identifying community partners, and securing program funding.

Looking for additional information? Dig into these detailed resources.

Safe Routes to School Guide

Your one-stop reference manual for building, nurturing & sustaining successful programs.

Safe Routes to School Toolkit

88 pages of promotional materials & outreach strategies to get your community behind your efforts.

Practice and Promise

Compelling arguments & evidence-gathering strategies that empower you to advocate for Safe Routes resources.