Data System Tutorial: Enter Travel Tallies and Parent Surveys yourself

This tutorial describes how to enter the Travel Tally and Parent Survey questionnaires yourself.  One of the benefits of entering the data yourself is that the reports are available immediately after you are finished.  To help you plan your time, it will take you approximately 1 minute to enter each parent survey questionnaire and 45 seconds to enter each Student Travel Tally. These times would increase if there are substantial comments written in the open-ended questions that appear on the forms.

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  1. Overview of available evaluation, data collection, and data entry resources (10:51)
  2. Introduction to the Data System tutorials (2:58)
  3. Create a user login and access the Data System (3:07)
  4. Forgotten password retrieval and log-in information update (1:47)
  5. Create new programs and schools in the Data System (7:09)
  6. Add a new school to an existing SRTS program in the Data System (2:40)
  7. Mail Travel Tallies and Parent Surveys to the National Center (8:43)
  8. Online Parent Survey (4:03)
  9. Enter Travel Tallies and Parent Surveys yourself (7:34)
  10. Create summary reports of Student Travel Tally and/or Parent Survey data (9:56)
  11. Request permission as a returning user to access schools that already exist in the Data System (2:05)
  12. Grant another user permission to access one or more school(s) in my local SRTS program (6:56)

Tutorial music: