2011-2012 Summary Annual Report: Tracking


  • Prepared quarterly tracking reports detailing the progress of state SRTS programs.
  • As of June 30, 2012, $841.0 million in federal funds was announced for SRTS local programs and statewide activities.
  • Maintained searchable project list of all federally funded SRTS projects at apps.saferoutesinfo.org/project_list.

Tracking Reports

The National Center for Safe Routes to School produces quarterly SRTS Program Tracking Briefs to provide information about State SRTS programs.

Searchable Project List

The National Center maintains a publicly available list of the federally funded SRTS projects announced by each state.  The Project List is available online at apps.saferoutesinfo.org/project_list and allows users to search by state, by type of project (infrastructure activities such as sidewalks built, versus non-infrastructure initiatives such as education programs), and by the year the funding was announced.

Online Interactive Map

The National Center maintains an online, interactive project map to allow users to search for project locations by state, state and county, congressional districts, or street address, and display summaries of the numbers of projects announced by state, county (nationwide), or congressional district (nationwide). It also shows project locations or project summaries by the year the projects were announced. The Interactive Map is available at maps.saferoutesinfo.org.


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