2009-2010 Summary Annual Report: Tracking

Tracking Highlights

  • Prepared quarterly tracking reports detailing the progress of state SRTS programs.
  • Tracked $548.0 million in federal funds announced for SRTS local programs and statewide activities.
  • Maintained searchable project list of all federally funded SRTS projects at http://apps.saferoutesinfo.org/project_list.

Tracking Briefs

The National Center for Safe Routes to School produces quarterly SRTS Program Tracking Briefs to provide information about state SRTS programs. Each report presents a different snapshot and brief analysis of one key trend across all states. In 2009-10, these reports tracked the growth of SRTS funding announced to $548.0 million, and the proliferation of participating schools to 7,662. To access the tracking reports, please see www.saferoutesinfo.org/data-central/national-progress/program-tracking-reports.

Searchable Project List

The National Center continues to maintain a publicly available list of the federal SRTS funded projects each state has announced.  The Project List is available online at http://apps.saferoutesinfo.org/project_list and allows users to search by state, by type of project (infrastructure activities such as sidewalks built, versus non-infrastructure initiatives such as education programs), and by the year the funding was announced.