Going High-tech with Safe Routes to School

There are many ways to build a successful Safe Routes to School program. Using technology to assist with recruitment, walk and bike to school counts, evaluation and mapping can be extremely helpful. This one-hour, free webinar covers how "high-tech" solutions can help advance the success of SRTS programs.

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Can we use the photos and images that are in the SRTS Guide for presentations?

The National Center grants permission to use the photos and images from the website,, as well as from any of its resources for not-for-profit SRTS promotional purposes and educational activities. Please feel free to use what you would like in your presentations.

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Letter in support of Walk to School Day from First Lady Michelle Obama

The White House

October 6, 2010

It is such a pleasure to send my warmest greetings to all those participating in International Walk to School Day. By walking or biking to school, students, parents, teachers, and administrators all across America are getting active.

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Do you have any good promotional flyers for children on either SRTS or Walking School Bus?

Promotional flyers and other materials can be found by visiting our Promote Your Efforts page. We recommend that you browse the resources available on this page and determine whether or not any of them address the promotional needs of your SRTS program. You can also check your state's SRTS program website to obtain promotional materials.

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School Climate for Active Travel Survey

Assessment instrument for use with older elementary students to measure perception of encouragement, praise and importance placed on walking to school at the school itself.

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Evenson KR, Motl RW, Birnbaum AS, and Ward DS

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Where can I find individual school success stories?

You may find the type stories you are looking for on our Celebrating Local Successes page.

The National Center has made small grants to implement various Safe Routes activities. Some of these grant recipients were discussed during several of our Coaching Action Network webinars. To access an archive of our webinars, visit our SRTS Webinars page. 

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Do you have resources on organizing walking school buses?

The Walking School Bus Guide is a 25 page document that descibes various types of walking schools buses and how to organize them.
You might want to have some general talking points about why walking to school is beneficial for young students.