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How can we get city staff to pay more attention to Walk to School issues?

There are several possible approaches:

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How do others become interested enough in Safe Routes to School that they contribute to the project?

Developing a personal stake in SRTS makes people more likely to invest time, money, and energy. This personal interest and engagement can come about in diverse ways. For example:

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Who are the stakeholders for Safe Routes to School?

Stakeholders include people with job responsibilities related to Safe Routes to School (SRTS) and community members who are interested or impacted by SRTS. They are divided into categories:

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How can I gain community support for a Safe Routes to School program?

It is best to begin building community early in the process of developing your program. This involves building awareness about Safe Routes to School early in the process of developing a program. When your program is up and running, you can keep the public interested and generate support with media focus on encouragement events. See the Media and Visibility section of our SRTS Guide for more information on acquiring media coverage for your program.

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How can we start a Safe Routes to School program with no money?

An important first step is to assemble a group of people willing to form a school traffic safety committee or safe routes task force. Involving other stakeholders early in the SRTS planning process helps ensure they will support the program. For detailed information on how to identify stakeholders, conduct a meeting and the steps in establishing a program visit the SRTS Guide.

California Walk to School Headquarters

The Walk to School Headquarters offer resources to encourage more adults and children to walk and bike to school together to raise awareness about:

Authoring Organization: 
California Center for Physical Activity, CA Dept. of Health Services

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