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What type of SRTS options are there for schools that have limited number of students able to walk/bike to school (choice schools, private schools, schools on the edge of town, etc)?

The Safe Routes to School program has two main goals: (1) to make it safer for students who are walking/biking to school; and (2) to encourage students

School Climate for Active Travel Survey

Assessment instrument for use with older elementary students to measure perception of encouragement, praise and importance placed on walking to school at the school itself.

Authoring Organization: 
Evenson KR, Motl RW, Birnbaum AS, and Ward DS

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Will my state be accepting more SRTS project applications?

The best person to address this question is the Safe Routes to School Coordiantor within your state's Department of Transportation. To view your state program's website and obtain the contact information of your SRTS Coordinator, please visit our Find State Contacts page.

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An Evaluation of Walkable Community and Safe Routes to School Workshops in Westchester County, New York

From 2001 to 2008, several Walkable Community and Safe Routes to School workshops were held in
various communities and schools throughout Westchester County. This report evaluates the Walkable
Community and SRTS workshops in terms of 1) how they were perceived by the participants and 2) the
level of follow-up activity and degree of implementation of recommendations that were generated at the
workshops. The evaluation was performed through in-person interviews with the workshop participants.

Authoring Organization: 
Westchester County Department of Transportation
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Guidelines for Walking School Bus -- Spanish

The Atlanta Bicycle Campaign offers a Walking School Bus Guidelines fact sheet in Spanish. This two-page fact sheet is part of an educational program package designed to promote alternative means for children to get to school.

Authoring Organization: 
Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

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