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Healthy Schools for Healthy Kids

This report details the research done by Pyramid Communications on Physical Activity and Nutrition Programs in schools during school hours and after hours. After compiling and analyzing the data, Pyramid Communications make recommendations and conclusions regarding the state of schools and ways to improve the health of all students.

Authoring Organization: 
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Safe Routes to School Safety and Mobility Analysis

The following is the abstract as it appears on the from the University of California Berkeley Traffic Safety Center website.

Authoring Organization: 
University of California Berkeley Traffic Safety Center

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Good Practices Guide for Bicycle Safety Education

The Good Practices Guide is a useful resource for educators who plan to develop bicycle safety education programs, or selecting the most effective existing bicycle safety education program for their curriculum needs.

The Good Practices Guide contains:

* 16 cases of bicycle safety education programs, describing the various components and what aspects were and were not successful.

Authoring Organization: 
Federal Highway Administration

How can we start a Safe Routes to School program with no money?

An important first step is to assemble a group of people willing to form a school traffic safety committee or safe routes task force. Involving other stakeholders early in the SRTS planning process helps ensure they will support the program. For detailed information on how to identify stakeholders, conduct a meeting and the steps in establishing a program visit the SRTS Guide.

Safe Routes to Suits: Cracking the Liability Lies in Walking and Biking to School

A paper from the Chicago Land Bicycle Federation addresses liability concerns caused the local school district staff to ban students bicycling to and from school.

Authoring Organization: 
Chicagoland Bicycle Federation

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Are private schools eligible for Safe Routes to School funding?

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) funds that are part of the Federal SRTS program can be used by private schools. However, the infrastructure changes that are made with the funds must be within the public right of way or on the property of schools that are publicly owned. Therefore infrastructure changes, additions etc that are on private property are not allowed.

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Resource Guide on Laws Related to Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

Authoring Organization: 
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

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December 2006 Status Report

The Monthly SRTS Program Tracking Brief is prepared by the National Center for Safe Routes to School to provide information about State SRTS programs. Each month, a different snapshot and brief analysis of one key trend across all State programs is presented. It also provides a tracking table summarizing key attributes from all programs.

Authoring Organization: 
National Center for Safe Routes to School

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