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How far must I live from school before I must ride the bus?

Generally, the board of education will set a no-transportation area, meaning if you live within a certain distance of the school site, transportation, such as a school bus, will not be provided for you. Because these distances are determined locally, we do not know what that distance is for your school.

However, there are people that you should contact with your question. Your school district's superintendent's office will have the information you are looking for.

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How can I find out if Safe Routes efforts are going on in my community?

One way is to contact the school(s) of interest and ask what if they are participating in the Safe Routes to School program and who is the local contact person.

Another way is to view the National Center's project list database and interactive map and search within your state for towns and schools that have or will receive funding.

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School Crossing Safety Audit Form

Addresses physical and traffic conditions at school crossings using a rating system. An accompanying document describes the process and purpose of conducting an audit. This succinct form can help to evaluate and compare the safety of different intersections within the school zone.

Authoring Organization: 
City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department

School Site Assessment

Addresses physical conditions and educational programs with a focus on schools and the school site. The process includes instructions for marking physical conditions on a school site map.

Authoring Organization: 
Keystone Healthy Routes

School Site Assessment for Traffic Safety

Requires a field observation and additional data collection because this audit addresses more than physical conditions. Part of Florida's Safe Ways to School Toolkit, this checklist includes administration and policy, student travel patterns, school siting policy, school traffic design, student pick-up and drop-off areas, bicycle parking, and safety and education programs.

Authoring Organization: 
Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program

School Site Audit

Addresses sidewalks and bicycle routes, student drop-off and bus loading areas, nearby intersections, sight distance, and traffic control.

Authoring Organization: 
Delaware Department of Transportation, adapted, with permission, from the Maryland SRS

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Neighborhood Site Audit

Includes detailed questions to help evaluate the safety of a particular route to school by addressing intersections, crosswalks, road segments, sidewalks, and security issues.

Authoring Organization: 
Delaware Department of Tranportation, adapted, with permission, from the Maryland Safe Routes to Sch

Walk to School Walkability Checklist

Includes questions about the school route for children and adults in a brief checklist. Questions focus on children's experience walking to school, including driver behavior and physical conditions, as well as their reasons for choosing a particular mode of transportation to school.

Authoring Organization: 
California Center for Physical Activity