Policy & funding

States report record numbers in last quarter 2008

The National Safe Routes to School Program expanded significantly during the fourth quarter (Oct–Dec) of 2008. The total amount of SRTS spending announced through December 31 was $370.6 million, which is an $80.6 million (28 percent) increase in total awards from the $290.0 reported for the previous quarter. The $80.6 million announced by States is the largest quarterly increase since the Federal SRTS program began. Funding announcements made by a host of States as well as a major announcement by California contributed to setting this new mark.

Policy Report from SRTSNP

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership published a 2009 Policy Report in March. The SRTS National Partnership is a network of more than 400 organizations supporting Safe Routes to School across the country.

To view the report, go to www.saferoutespartnership.org/mediacenter/31472.

National Review Group Meets

The National Center for Safe Routes to School convened a national group of stakeholders and experts to advise and provide support for the work of the National Center. The first meeting of the National Review Group was March 10, during the National Bike Summit in Washington D.C.Forty national leaders convened on March 10 in support of the work of the National Center for Safe Routes to School at the first NCSRTS National Review Group meeting.

Three New Summary Reports from HSIS

Summary Report of HSISIn recent months, the FHWA released three new Highway Safety Information System (HSIS) summary reports:

Spring 2009 SRTS Program Tracking Brief now available

During the first quarter (January–March) of 2009, the National Safe Routes to School Program continued to grow. The amount of SRTS funding announced during the first quarter of 2009 was $23.4 million, bringing the total funding states have announced to $355.2 million. State SRTS programs have awarded funding to 5,224 schools or local programs, up from 4,566 at the end of 2008. See the full tracking brief here.  

Tracking Brief for Summer 2009 Now Available

The National Center for Safe Routes to School just released the Summer 2009 Program Tracking Report. This quarterly report provides information about State Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs and includes a tracking table summarizing key attributes from all State programs. The National Safe Routes to School Program continued to grow during the second quarter, with new funding for 238 additional schools or local programs.