Making the case

School Administrator's Guide to School Walk Routes and Student Pedestrian Safety

Authoring Organization: 
Washington Traffic Safety Commission and Washington State DOT

Bicycle Safety Activity Kit

Authoring Organization: 
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

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The Relative Risks of School Travel

Authoring Organization: 
Transportation Research Board

CHILDHOOD OBESITY: Factors Affecting Physical Activity

This brief is divided into 5 parts

  1. Introduction
  2. Objective, scope, and methodology
  3. Factors affecting physical activity
  4. Additional research needs
  5. Concluding observations

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Healthy Schools for Healthy Kids

This report details the research done by Pyramid Communications on Physical Activity and Nutrition Programs in schools during school hours and after hours. After compiling and analyzing the data, Pyramid Communications make recommendations and conclusions regarding the state of schools and ways to improve the health of all students.

Authoring Organization: 
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Fostering Student Success by Preventing Brain Injury

The manual covers the need for helmets, the components of a school helmet policy, four steps schools can take to improve safety, helmet standards, and more. The appendix includes a sample letters to parents, a bicycle safety agreement, a school helmet policy, and other materials.

Authoring Organization: 
California Department of Health Services

Active Transportation to School: Trends Among U.S. Schoolchildren, 1969-2001

Please visit Am J Prev Med. 2007 Jun;32(6):509-16.
Active transportation to school trends among u.s. Schoolchildren, 1969-2001. by Noreen McDonald to read the abstract and access the article.

Authoring Organization: 
American Journal of Preventive Medicine

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How can we get city staff to pay more attention to Walk to School issues?

There are several possible approaches:

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