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Do you have a brief report on the success of the SRTS program?

A brief report about the effectiveness or success of the national SRTS initiative has not been developed. The SRTS program is a nation-wide effort and a national evaluation would be very difficult to carry out given the many physical, cultural, and political factors that can potentially impact both the number of children walking and bicycling to/from school, as well as the safety of those children who already walk and bicycle.

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Where can I find individual school success stories?

You may find the type stories you are looking for on our Celebrating Local Successes page.

The National Center has made small grants to implement various Safe Routes activities. Some of these grant recipients were discussed during several of our Coaching Action Network webinars. To access an archive of our webinars, visit our SRTS Webinars page. 

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How do I get a crosswalk painted where students cross street?

The appropriate people to speak with will depend on who has responsibility for maintaining the road segments where you believe crosswalk needs to be installed. In some states the roads within a municipality's boundaries are the sole responsibility of the municipality, in other locations the major roads within a municipality are owned and maintained by the state's department of transportation (DOT).

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Are there sample Safe Routes to School plans available?

Below are several sample plans from various states that might be of use.

Connecticut has a sample Safe Routes to School Master Plan available online. 

Case Study: Auburn, WA

In 1995, the Auburn School District linked concerns about the high cost of transportation and increased childhood obesity to create cooperation that has led to 20 percent of its district's students walking to school.

Case Study: Montpelier, VT

The community of Montpelier, VT, is promoting a different "Way To Go."

Case Study: Winston-Salem, NC

Sherwood Forest Elementary School in Winston-Salem, NC, is making strides in its efforts to encourage safe walking to school thanks to strong parent involvement, collaboration with the City of Winston-Salem and donations from local businesses.

10 Tips for Safe Routes to School Programs and Liability

This tip sheet offers guidance for liability issues with walking or bicycling to school.

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National Center for Safe Routes to School
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