Rural Neighborhood Assessment

Addresses physical conditions and educational programs with a focus on rural areas. The process includes instructions for marking physical conditions on neighborhood maps.

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Keystone Healthy Routes

Michigan Safe Routes to School Handbook

Includes a school property assessment, a walking audit, and a bicycling audit that give prompts to help users identify safety concerns and record specific issues on a neighborhood map. Sidewalks and bicycling lanes, street crossings, school zone physical conditions, and motorist behavior are all addressed. A section on how to evaluate areas for students with special needs is included.

Authoring Organization: 
Michigan Fitness Foundation and Michigan DOT with funding from FHWA
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School Zone Traffic Safety Evaluation

Addresses school population characteristics, physical setting, transportation and education issues, and traffic enforcement strategies. An introduction, glossary, instructions, and other supporting materials are included. Some of the information is Colorado-specific.

Authoring Organization: 
Colorado Department of Transportation

Stop + Walk Campaign Manual

Stop + Walk encourages parents driving to school to drop-off or pick-up their children 2-4 blocks away from school. This allows students to walk the rest of the way and get some exercise. Stop + Walk targets traffic congestion around schools. By having more students walk to school, we decrease traffic congestion and pollution around the school and increase physical activity and student safety. More information is at

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Portland Safer Routes to School
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using back-in, head-out angled parking at an elementary school?

By backing in, the open car door prevents kids from running into the street/parking lot because it directs them to the curb, assuming that a curb is immediately behind the space. Parents leaving the parking space can see other drivers and kids who might be in the street or infront of the vehicle.

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How do I get a crosswalk painted where students cross street?

The appropriate people to speak with will depend on who has responsibility for maintaining the road segments where you believe crosswalk needs to be installed. In some states the roads within a municipality's boundaries are the sole responsibility of the municipality, in other locations the major roads within a municipality are owned and maintained by the state's department of transportation (DOT).

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Appropriate Traffic Calming Techniques for Small Iowa Communities

Authoring Organization: 
Shauna Hallmark

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Are there sample Safe Routes to School plans available?

Below are several sample plans from various states that might be of use.

Connecticut has a sample Safe Routes to School Master Plan available online. 

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