How can traffic signals be made to function more effectively for students?

Signalizing busy intersections and providing signalized crosswalks help create safe routes to schools for children.

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What are some principals of good traffic signal design for pedestrians?

Traffic signals are the highest form of traffic control. However, their benefit to the pedestrian network is contingent upon the application of several principles including;

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What is a "Road Diet"?

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How does neighborhood street layout affect the number of children who will walk to school?

Street layout directly impacts the ability to walk or bicycle to school. Frequently, the layout of subdivision streets makes distances much longer than they need to be. Long neighborhood block lengths and cul-de-sacs contribute to this problem. Neighborhoods that are designed with long blocks and numerous cul-de-sacs are often barriers to walking and bicycling to school as they reduce connectivity and increase travel distance between the home and school.

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What can be done to make a driveway safer for children and other pedestrians to cross?

Properly designed driveways, as they cross sidewalks, can enhance pedestrian safety by providing a consistent surface and reminding drivers that they are crossing a sidewalk. The following principles should be applied to driveway design;

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What kind of buffers can be used to separate sidewalks and pedestrians from motor vehicle traffic?

Sidewalk placement, or setback, along streets should take into account buffer zones and provide room for snow storage where snowfall is prevalent. The space between the sidewalk and closest lane of moving vehicles is the sidewalk buffer. In general, there are four types of sidewalk buffers including;

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