Case Study: Abernathy, Texas

Abernathy Elementary, Abernathy Middle and Abernathy High School are all on the same campus along a fairly busy road. At least half of the students live within walking distance of their school, but there are no sidewalks to help them reach the school safely.

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Case Study: Johnson City, Tennessee

Johnson City, Tenn., is an urban community with more than 65,000 residents. Along with Bristol and Kingsport, Tenn., Johnson City forms the tri-cities metro area, home to more than one million people.

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Case Study: Concord, New Hampshire

Rundlett Middle School and Conant Elementary School are located within a quarter mile of each other in Concord, New Hampshire. A joint Safe Routes to School program was necessary because the schools are located in a suburban area where nearby residents can walk to school. Rundlett is the only middle school in the district, and as a result, many of its 1,700 students have to ride the bus because they live too far to walk or bicycle.

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