Enforcement & safety management

How do communities enforce speeds in school zones?

Strict enforcement of speed laws in school zones is one law enforcement tool that can improve the safety for children walking and bicycling to school as well as motorists. A 'zero tolerance' policy for speeders in school zones and even an increase in fines for drivers who violate the posted school zone speed limit are potential approaches. For a case study in the state of Washington, click here.

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How is a progressive ticketing program best organized?

There are three main steps of an effective progressive ticketing program:

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What is progressive ticketing?

Progressive ticketing is a method for introducing ticketing through a three-staged process. Issuing tickets is the strongest strategy of an enforcement program and it is usually reserved for changing unsafe behaviors that other strategies failed to change or that pose a real threat to the safety of students.

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Are there any pedestrian decoy program examples?

Are there any 'pedestrian decoy' program examples?

Effective programs operate in Miami Beach, Florida and in Annapolis and Montgomery County, Maryland. Additional cities in the states including Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Georgia, Maryland, and New Mexico are actively pursuing the concept. For an example of a program in Miami Beach, Florida, click here.

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What are the steps in conducting a 'pedestrian decoy' operation?

A 'pedestrian decoy' operation includes the following steps.

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How does a traffic complaint hotline work?

A traffic complaint hotline allows community members to report traffic problems directly to police. It is used to identify the worst traffic problem areas and the most frequent traffic complaints. Police follow up with enforcement in the area and schedule additional enforcement if needed. For an example of a traffic complaint hotline, click here.

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