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America Walks and the National Center for Safe Routes to School present Safe Routes Coaching Action Network Webinars.

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SRTS Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Education
January 27, 2009 at 2 p.m. EST
Presenter: Somilia Smith, Project Coordinator, Mayor Daley's Ambassadors
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Safe Routes Snapshots: Promoting Wellness through Walk to School Day in Belle Glade, Florida


Unlike many of the surrounding schools, Gove Elementary in Belle Glade, Fla., is confronted with unique challenges to implement its Safe Routes to School program. Gove Elementary is a Title 1 school in a rural area with many of its students coming from migrant working families. The constant infux and outfow of students can be challenging for teachers, staff and the students. Despite these challenges, Gove Elementary has achieved success in promoting safety and wellness both in the school and in the community.

Boulder School Wins Oberstar Award

Bear Creek Elementary School in Boulder, Colo., is the recipient of the 2008 James L. Oberstar Award. The school's Safe Routes to School program involves 70 percent of students in walking and bicycling activities throughout the year.

Photo of Children at Bear Creek

SRTS in the News

The following is a brief compilation of Safe Routes to School-related news stories from across the country. Web links to the following news stories are time sensitive, so some stories may not be accessible after the initial publication date or may require registration.

New faces at the National Center for Safe Routes to School

Welcome Pam Barth, MRP, Project Manager at the National Center for Safe Routes to School. Pam holds a B.A. from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master's in Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

After 10 years as a relational database developer, Pam turned her passion for all things pedestrian into a career. Most recently she spent two years at Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., a Fortune 100 private engineering consulting company, where she did NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) planning for transportation projects.

News Brief

Register for the next Safe Routes Coaching Action Network Webinar

America Walks and the National Center for Safe Routes to School present Safe Routes Coaching Action Network Webinars.

If you missed Urban SRTS and New Jersey's success stories, on October 21, please go to www.saferoutesinfo.org/events-and-training/SRTS-webinars to download the webinar.

The next topic will be:
SRTS Liability Issues, November 18, 2008 at 2 p.m. EDT

Safe Routes Snapshots: Collaboration Creates Success in Auburn, Washington

Safe Routes Snapshots provides a brief profile of a Safe Routes to School state or local program that highlights a particular success or issue the program faced. To submit your program for Safe Routes Snapshots, please email news@saferoutesinfo.org.

Oberstar Award application deadline extended

Need extra time? Ask for an extension by October 22nd

The 2008 Oberstar Award will recognize the achievements of communities in establishing successful Safe Routes to School programs with federal funds. Because we have heard from several event organizers who have been in the midst of celebrating Walk to School activities during the month of October, the National Center for Safe Routes to School is allowing those who need an extension to apply for one by October 22, the original deadline for applications.

Safe Routes to School benefits from WTS coverage

Photo of children in southlake

Walk to School Day made headlines from coast to coast. Here are just a few news stories that illustrate the importance of Walk to School Day as a catalyst for Safe Routes to School activities.

Rockenbaugh Elementary in Southlake, TX (right)

Los Angeles Times

Let them hear you walk

New this year: We are trying to capture successes and enthusiasm for walking and bicycling to school on audio as well as images. Walk to School has jumpstarted so many good things at schools all over the country that we want to bottle up all the energy and share it with others. Please leave us a voice message at (919) 809-7777 and tell us why walking to school makes a difference in your life. What is it about walking and/or bicycling to school that changes your outlook?