PEDS Slow Down Fans

According to their Web site, PEDS provides Slow Down fans to schools participating in KidsWalk, an Atlanta-based pedestrian safety campaign. Use this template to print your own PEDS Slow Down Fans. Very popular with the kids, these fans send a clear message to drivers and keep you cool, too. Kids love to wave these fans at passing cars, that is, if they can ever get them out of their parents' hands.

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How can an on-campus walking program be organized?

On-campus walking activities are great for places where it is unsafe or difficult to walk to school; however, they require school or volunteer coordinators and support from administration as well as time in the school schedule. The following steps show a way to set up an on-campus walking activity:

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How is a Park and Walk activity organized?

Park and Walk activities include families who live too far to walk or have an unsafe route, encourage neighborhood involvement, and reduce traffic congestion at the school. In turn, these activities require identifying a safe route from the parking area to the school and working with the parking lot's owner.

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What are Park and Walk activities?

A pre-determined parking lot acts as the meeting area for families who drive and then park and walk the remaining distance to school. Some communities require parents to walk with their children to school while others have designated adult volunteers to walk groups of children from the parking area to school.

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What are mileage clubs and contests?

Mileage clubs and contests encourage children either to begin walking and bicycling to school or to increase their current amount of physical activity by making it fun and rewarding. Generally children track the amount of miles they walk or bicycle and get a small gift or a chance to win a prize after a certain mileage goal is reached.
Mileage clubs and contests are usually designed in one of three ways:

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What is International Walk to School Day?

International Walk to School Day, held in October each year, joins children and adults from around the world to celebrate walking and bicycling to school. This event can be a fun way to kick off a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program. In fact, many participating communities use the event to work towards creating safe environments that support walking and bicycling every day.

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What are encouragement activities?

Encouragement activities play an important role moving the overall Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program forward because they build interest and enthusiasm which can buoy support for changes that might require more time and resources, such as constructing a new sidewalk.

Here is just a sample of activities that communities can create.

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