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Student Drop Off/Pick-Up Plan Guidelines

STUDENT PICK-UP/DROP OFF PLAN GUIDELINES While the City of Phoenix has no jurisdiction in school parking lots, what happens in a school parking lot often affects what happens on the streets near that school.

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City of Phoenix (from

Improving School Drop-Off and Pick-Up Zones

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California Walk to School Headquarters

A Safer Journey to School

This guide for schools on travel plans takes account of our integrated transport policy to reduce car dependency, particularly for short journeys. It also builds upon the many good practices already in place in schools up and down the country. Safer Routes to School is the centerpiece of the Government's transport proposals for schools and the key to turning the practical steps in this guidance into action on the ground.

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Transport 2000

Alberta's Active and Safe Routes to School Resource Manual

The SHAPE (Safe Healthy Active People Everywhere) Resource Manual to support the Active and Safe Routes to School program in Alberta is designed to provide information, resources and ideas for school communities to encourage their students to walk or bike to school.

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Go For Green and Environment Canada, Environment Alberta
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Maryland Safe Routes to School Guidebook: A Guide for Parents and Communities

The materials in this guide will enable you to establish a successful and ongoing Safe Routes to School Program at your school-and to ultimately enhance the safety and health of your community for years to come.

Authoring Organization: 
Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee & Maryland Department of Transportation
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Activity Ideas: Walk to School Day, Week, Year-round

Walk to School - Some events begin with students walking together in a "walking school bus" group with parents, celebrities and dignitaries leading the way. Other activities include safety fairs, bike rodeos, poster contests, and meetings for parents. In some communities events are designed so families can complete walkability checklists along their usual route, permitting parents to teach safety skills to children.

Authoring Organization: 
California Walk to School Headquarters, California Center for Physical Activity

Florida Department of Transportation Pedestrian and Bike Safety Program

The Florida Pedestrian and Bicycle Program works in many areas to promote safe walking and bicycling in Florida. The office develops initiatives and programs to improve the environment for safe, comfortable, and convenient walking and bicycling trips and to improve the performance and interaction among motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Program serves as a clearinghouse for information concerning safety, design, and touring.

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Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

Travel and Environmental Implications of School Siting

"Travel and Environmental Implications of School Siting," released by the EPA on October 8, 2003, is the first study to empirically examine the relationship between school locations, the built environment around schools, how kids get to school, and the impact on air emissions of those travel choices. Over the next few decades, communities making decisions about the construction and renovation of thousands of schools will be challenged to meet multiple goals -- educational, fiscal, and environmental.

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Environmental Protection Agency

Frequent Rider Miles Contest

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Safe Routes to School Marin County