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2006 Walk to School Event Organizer Survey Findings and Recommendations

This report summarizes findings from the 2006 Walk to School Organizer survey, proposes implications of the findings and recommends actions that would strengthen the conduct of future events and increase capacity and demand for Safe Routes to School programs.

Authoring Organization: 
National Center for Safe Routes to School

From the Margins to the Mainstream

The Surface Transportation Policy Partnership offers a guide designed to help the user understand the transportation opportunities in their community. The guide provides a rationale on why planning is fundamental to providing transportation options and locating funding sources to cover the costs of projects. Also discussed are ways to design safe, healthy and livable communities and ways to create greater transportation choice and access.

Authoring Organization: 
Surface Transportation Policy Partnership

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Do you have an image library?

The National Center for Safe Routes to School does not have an image library. However, if you are interested in images of children walking and bicycling to school please visit the International Walk to School Day photo library at Here you will find hundreds of images searchable by county, region, city and year.

Toolbox to Address Safety and Operations on School Grounds and Public Streets Adjacent to Elementary and Middle Schools in Iowa

Authoring Organization: 
Center for Transportation Research and Education, Iowa State University. Shauna Hallmark, Hillary I

Streets for People, Your Guide to Winning Safer and Quiter Streets

Streets for People is a toolkit full of solutions for traffic problems that people all over the city are talking about. It's also a description of how people everywhere are using these tools to beat back the threat that uncontrolled motorized traffic poses to their safety and quality of life. You can have a livable community while keeping motor vehicle access to homes and businesses. This booklet will show you the way.

Authoring Organization: 
Transportation Alternatives

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What is the cost of attending the Safe Routes to School National Course?

Information about the training is available at Safe Routes to School National Course From this site you can access cost information by clicking on "Request the Course."

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What is a walking school bus?

A walking school bus is a group of children walking to school with one or more adults along a pre-planned route to school. A variation on the walking school bus is a bicycle train where a group of children and adult leaders ride together to school.

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Is there a guide for walking school bus programs?

Yes. The Walking School Bus: Combining Safety, Fun and Walk to School is a guide intended for parents, teachers, public health educators, bicycle clubs, Safe Route to School coordinators, law enforcement officers and others who care about increasing the number of children who walk and bicycle to school in a safe manner. Any one or combination of these individuals can lead a walking school bus program.

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Who is my State Safe Routes to School Coordinator?

To find out who your State Safe Routes to School Coordinator is, please visit our Find State Contacts page.

Safe Routes to School National Partnership

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership is a collaboration of bicycling and walking groups, as well as health advocates, schools, government agencies, and businesses. The partnership's goal is to advance the Safe Routes to School national movement.

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