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How Children See Traffic

Children are children, not young adults. It's important to understand their limitations in understanding traffic. This brochure provides information on how to make children safer pedestrians and bicyclists.

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Healthy Schools for Healthy Kids

This report details the research done by Pyramid Communications on Physical Activity and Nutrition Programs in schools during school hours and after hours. After compiling and analyzing the data, Pyramid Communications make recommendations and conclusions regarding the state of schools and ways to improve the health of all students.

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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Getting Your Kids to Wear Bike Helmets

This pamphlet helps answer various questions parents may have when trying to encourage children to wear bike helmets.

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Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

Fostering Student Success by Preventing Brain Injury

The manual covers the need for helmets, the components of a school helmet policy, four steps schools can take to improve safety, helmet standards, and more. The appendix includes a sample letters to parents, a bicycle safety agreement, a school helmet policy, and other materials.

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California Department of Health Services

Consejos y Pasos Para el Uso Debido del Casco para Montar Bicicleta (in Spanish)

This two-page Spanish-language flyer demonstrates how to properly fit a bicycle helmet.

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
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Bike Safety Cartoon

This cartoon teaches children to check their helmets, brakes, handlebars, and tires before riding.

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Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Good Practices Guide for Bicycle Safety Education

The Good Practices Guide is a useful resource for educators who plan to develop bicycle safety education programs, or selecting the most effective existing bicycle safety education program for their curriculum needs.

The Good Practices Guide contains:

* 16 cases of bicycle safety education programs, describing the various components and what aspects were and were not successful.

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Federal Highway Administration

How do you manage heated public meetings?

Whenever people discuss change, some stakeholders can become overly passionate, especially if they are in the minority. How can you keep the process from becoming derailed? Successful mediation requires skill and training. Check with a community mediation service for the availability of volunteers to mediate or facilitate a process to resolve conflicts.

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How can we get the City to install a traffic signal at our school?

When there is a safety problem, such as speeding traffic near a school, you could be tempted to frame the issue in terms of the solution. For example, you might think a traffic signal would solve the problem. Although it is possible your idea is a good solution, it is more effective to seek input from the professionals before deciding on a solution.

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