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Montgomery County, MD Pedestrian Safety

The Montgomery County Pedestrian Safety site details the extensive education campaigns that have been conducted over the past years. Other resources include a safety quiz and tips, local news and events, and project descriptions.

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Montgomery County

California Walk to School Day Walkability Checklist

Checklist developed by the California Walk to School Headquarters to promote walking to school, identify barriers, and collect behavioral data about walking to school.

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California Walk to School Headquarters

Neighborhood Site Assessment

This survey is part of the Florida Safe Ways to School Tool Kit developed in the late 1990s by Linda B. Crider for the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program, a Safety Program of the Florida Department of Transportation.

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Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program

National Safety Council Partnership for a Walkable America

The Partnership for a Walkable America (PWA) is a national coalition working to improve the conditions for walking in America and to increase the number of Americans who walk regularly. The members are national governmental agencies and non-profit organizations concerned about three main areas: Health, Safety and the Environment.

Authoring Organization: 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Institute f

Bicycle Safety Education Resource Center

This Resource Center provides bicycle safety education information for the following groups: Preschool (under age 5), Beginner (ages 5-8), Young (Ages 9-12), teenage (13+), Adult, Senior, Motorists, and Adults Teaching Children.

Authoring Organization: 
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

School Trip Safety and Urban Play Areas

Volume I summarizes the entire project, providing an overview of the other documents developed during this Federal Highway Administration sponsored project. These include:

Authoring Organization: 
Federal Highway Administration

An Organizer's Guide to Bicycle Rodeos

"While it's easy to organize a bad rodeo, it's not as easy as many think to do it right, and effectively.

"This guide outlines a step-by-step approach to designing a successful bicycle rodeo in [the reader's] community. Parents, members of community service organizations and teachers were in my mind as [the author] wrote this: it's designed to help [the reader] show kids in local neighborhoods how to be safer on bikes.

Authoring Organization: 
Cornell University, New York State Governor's Traffic Safety Committee

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Tips of the Trade on Successful Bike Rodeos

This short document provides guidance on starting a bicycle rodeo, including things to think about during the planning stages, publicity, and fundraising.

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Helmets R Us

How can I develop a route map for walking to school?

For information about developing route maps for travel to school, take a look at the School Route Maps and the Tools to Create Them section in our Safe Routes to School Guide.

For a more general tool, you can also start with a walkability checklist.

How to Fit A Bicycle Helmet Presentation

This presentation provides information on organizing training on properly fitting bicycle helmets.

Authoring Organization: 
California Department of Health Services

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