Local Skills Training to be Future Offering of the National Center

Communities around the country continue to organize and enhance their Safe Routes to School programs, but for some, knowing the logistics of how to move forward can be confusing. The National Center for Safe Routes to School has a number of training programs and courses designed to bring success to every element of a Safe Routes to School program. Soon, the "Local Skills" training will be launched in a full-scale effort, adding to the host of Safe Routes training options.

The course, designed to provide participants with practical approaches, community-tested processes, and tools to develop and implement key non-infrastructure strategies for their Safe Routes to School programs, is planned to be offered as a one-day training. The training will include information related to the following:

  • SRTS 101: a general overview of SRTS programs and why they are important. It includes a review of the five E's that comprise a comprehensive SRTS program.
  • Getting Started — Building a SRTS Taskforce: provides information and resources to identify and recruit key stakeholders, and to conduct a successful SRTS kick off meeting.
  • Program Planning Phase One: The What, Where, How and Who of data collection for SRTS program planning and evaluation.
  • Education, Enforcement and Encouragement Strategies: highlights the important role that encouragement, education and enforcement play in a SRTS program and includes a review of effective, age-appropriate strategies for elementary and middle school children.
  • Program Planning Phase Two: offers continued discussion of basic steps in creating a comprehensive SRTS plan, focusing on the post-data collection processes.
  • Program Evaluation: outlines basics of evaluating SRTS programs, why evaluation is important, data to collect and the fundamentals of creating an evaluation plan.

The training has been successfully piloted in Boise, ID, and Trenton, NJ, and has begun to be presented into other markets. The local skills training team includes a pool of five individuals, all bringing personal, first-hand experience in implementing local programs. Designed to be a mix of presentations, group discussion and hands-on exercises, the training would be an effective information session for state SRTS fund recipients and program participants (including local coordinators, National taskforce members and consultants), regional SRTS coordinators and state SRTS coordinators.

Trainings are currently being scheduled for early 2008 and beyond.

For more information on the launch of the local skills training, or to obtain a detailed outline of topics covered in the training, please contact the National Center for Safe Routes to School at info@saferoutesinfo.org or 919-962-2203.