June Webinar: Creating Positive Change With Temporary Infrastructure Improvements

Archived Video of this webinar is now available.

For many students and families, a lack of sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly crossings are what stands in the way of walking to school. Infrastructure improvements can make a powerful difference in safety and overall appeal for walking, but construction projects can be expensive and can take a long time from funding to design, permitting, and completion.

Temporary infrastructure improvements can bridge the gap from identified need to completed construction, can encourage communities to prioritize projects, or, in some cases, can even serve as a long-term substitute to an infrastructure project.

In this webinar, Joan Horton and Jeanne Marsala will relate how they used temporary engineering solutions to create positive change in their communities. Join us on Thursday, June 27, for these success stories and tips for trying temporary engineering solutions in your community.


  • Joan Horton, the Executive Director of the Development Authority in Clawson, Michigan, created temporary median refuge islands made of pallets, planters, and Bike to School Day signs at two busy downtown intersections to show how safety could be improved for all users. Learn how she did it and how the town reacted to the test configuration.
  • Jeanne Marsala, the Director of the Safe Kids Clark County Coalition in Las Vegas, Nevada, developed a way to “install” temporary crossings and medians to improve the safety for students walking and biking to school. Hear how she came to the idea, and how she’s using it daily to improve walking conditions for students at arrival and dismissal times.

Date: Thursday, June 27, 2013
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. EDT