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National Center Annual Reports

Increasing a child's ability to walk and bike to school became a national priority when legislation was signed into law August 2005 that provides funding for Safe Routes to School programs. This legislation also paved the way for the establishment of a national organization to assist programs across the country.*

Each year, the National Center for Safe Routes to School, which serves as the clearinghouse for the federal Safe Routes to School program, completes an annual report to provide a thorough overview of the activities, products, and accomplishments of the National Center in that year.

2011-2012 Summary Annual Report
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2010-2011 Summary Annual Report
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 2009-2010 Summary Annual Report

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2008-2009 Summary Annual Report2008-2009 Summary Annual Report

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3 Year ReportReport: First 3 Years of the National SRTS Program

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2007-2008 Summary Annual Report2007-2008 Summary Annual Report

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2006-2007 Annual Report2006-2007 National Center Annual Report

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2006 National Center Six Month Report

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* In July 2012, Congress passed a new transportation bill: Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21). Beginning in October 2012, Safe Routes to School (SRTS) activities will be eligible to compete for funding alongside other programs, including the Transportation Enhancements program and Recreational Trails program, as part of a new program called Transportation Alternatives. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is charged with putting the legislation into practice, and it provides information about MAP-21 on its website.

State SRTS programs are also in the process of determining how to handle the new legislation. As the States provide information about how they will proceed with Safe Routes to School, the information  will be available on our State SRTS pages.